Thanh Lanh Valley Golf Course: Serena Valley Golf & Resort In Vinh Phuc Serenavalleythanhanh vn

Serena Valley Thanh Lanh

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Thanh Lanh golf course is one of the three main functional subdivisions of the Serena Valley project. Located on Thanh Lah lake, owns a feng shui land: in front is a wide lake, surrounded by valleys and small hills gathered at the foot of Tam Dao mountain, lush trees, Tranquil waves and unique dragon birth.
Thanh Lanh golf course with a total investment of up to 649,187 billion VND, using 732,261m2 of land, the reception area occupies 10,271.9 m2, the golf course land area is 392,803.9 m2. In addition, the area of ​​land for service works is up to 5,836.6m2, green land for landscape construction is 282,967.7m2 and land used for construction of traffic and technical infrastructure is 40,380.9m2. It can be seen that the golf course is extremely massive, with a large area of ​​land used.
Perhaps, anyone in the real estate world has heard of the name Thanh Lanh Golf Course. Because this is a hot location that many investors are looking for. It is considered a good prey because it is a utility revolving around the Serena Valley Thanh Lanh project. So what is the information? Let's find out below!


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