Tam Dao Golf Resort in Vinh Phuc (Hanoi) | 72.golf by Sdisco

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Tam Dao Golf Resort in Vinh Phuc (Hanoi) | 72.golf by Sdisco

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Tam Dao Golf Resort details

* Wonderful scenery of the mountainous area of Tam Dao
* Awesome weather with 4 seasons in one day
* Lines of streams and lakes accompanied with white sand bunkers to enhance the loveliness of the course
* 10000m2 clubhouse with countless top-tier services

Tam Dao Golf Resort is located in the majestic area of Tam Dao mountain. It is the perfect place for golfers waiting to escape from the crowded city and relax in an IMG-designed golf course and high-quality services 

Golf Course Description
Tam Dao Golf & Resort course is an 18 hole 72 par championship golf course with a length of nearly 7200 yards. Tam Dao weather is great, golfers can experience all 4 seasons in one day. Visitors will feel the spring breeze in the morning, the summer sunlight at noon, the autumn clouds and win in the afternoon and the winter cold at night. The course was designed by IMG, one of the best companies in terms of sport management and golf course design. That is why golfers coming to Tam Dao Golf course will be stunned at the landscape and the playability of the course. In terms of terrain, IMG made use of the natural contours, vegetation, and flora of the land to form a beautiful scenery to admire. Since the golf course is located in the area of Tam Dao mountain, there will be majestic mountains in the background as well as elevations around the course. Moreover, on the course are lakes, streams, and strategically placed white sand bunkers to challenge the players. 
Grass for the Tam Dao Golf course is chosen carefully. Tee boxes and fairways use Sea Isle Paspalum for greenness and weed tolerance. Meanwhile, greens use the Sea Isle 2000 Paspalum for smoothness and create surfaces for quick putting. 
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